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coffee and paper crafting obsessed...graphic designer...garage sales, thrifting and antiquing is what I live for besides my family...midwest girl who has lived on the west coast and now east coast...



I apologize for my lack of posts. Time has flown by and I cannot believe it is almost Halloween. Lots of people have gotten into the Halloween spirit and a popular item on my website is my Trick or Treat Banner.

One new bit of coffee news is that Starbucks is offering a free tall coffee drink when you bring in their emptied bag of beans to recycle...I love it. I just got my free drink today. It's a win win situation for those who make their own coffee at home. It has to be the bag of beans that has the offer on it which is all of their new ones.

One of my new projects since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and my family and friends have been effected by this illness in many ways, is a greeting card that will have the proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Research Fund. I will have it listed on my website www.spillingbeans.com shortly along with an inspiring banner too. I want to help my friends and family in some way since I cannot actually physically be there to support them.

Will do my best to keep up with my posts.