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coffee and paper crafting obsessed...graphic designer...garage sales, thrifting and antiquing is what I live for besides my family...midwest girl who has lived on the west coast and now east coast...


Think Big. Start small.

Listening to Keith Urban and taking a break from printing and designing all day.

My new favorite drink, surprisingly isn't coffee today, but is the refreshing Hibiscus Iced tea from Peets Coffee. If you have a Peets near you I recommend you try it on a hot summer day. I wonder if I can make this at home?

Sometimes I have so many ideas for new creations that I just don't know where to start. I think BIG but need to start small - does that even make sense. If you have this problem to I recommend writing down all of your ideas, especially if you have a memory problem like I do.

A couple new things that are in the works are; more wedding invites, save the dates and baby announcements. I will also be updating my cards on my website since not all of them are up. I will keep you posted.


My first Blog Ever!

I cannot believe I am blogging or even now will use that in my vocabulary.

I am an artist, designer, crafter, writer and coffee lover. I decided I would blog about my art, new projects, inspirations and coffee recipes.

Spilling Beans is the name of my company. It started as a cardline many years ago and has now expanded into other gifty items. My website is www.spillingbeans.com. I am always adding new items to my website.

Summer is finally here and so are lots of new ideas and inspirations. I know when summer has arrived when I see the word "iced" in front of "coffee" at every little shop and It makes me want to have an iced coffee everytime I see it.

I am currently working on a desktop calendar for 2010 with a different coffee design for each month with a colorful vintage feel. It is a nice accessory for any desk or table. My next project I have just begun is a perpetual calendar for all those people like me who have huge extended families and cannot possibly keep track of all the birthdays, baptisms, and anniversaries.