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coffee and paper crafting obsessed...graphic designer...garage sales, thrifting and antiquing is what I live for besides my family...midwest girl who has lived on the west coast and now east coast...


The Name Fits Perfect

I now know truly that the name Spilling Beans is perfect for me.

Recently I was driving home from a wedding showcase and put my supplies in my back seat of my car. I had used a long white basket and filled it with white beans to display my invitations and was so happy with how it turned out. As I was just about to go through an orange/yellow light at an intersection I quickly stopped. Unfortunately I know the consequences of that and they have cameras here everywhere that take your picture if you ever happen to accidentally go through on a red light. But as I stopped the basket I had placed so carefully on the floor in the back of my car fell over and I could hear the 8 bags of "beans spilling" underneath my seat. We are still cleaning up the beans today. I think my husband is sick of the beans crunching underneath him every time he moves his seat. I think it is pretty funny, but of course not at the time.